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Alex Simmons

The creator and owner of Tour de Bello, Alex is a professional cycling coach with RST Sport, owns and operates Aerocoach Australia, a business specialising in testing and optimisation of cycling aerodynamics, he is a cycling race commissaire and a UCI World Tour accredited race driver. Alex has run many training camps and tours for track and road cycling groups and supported the running of national and world level races for many years. He's long since retired from cycle racing having attained success at both masters and para-cycling competitions.

Along with Kath, Alex moved to Bellingen from Sydney for a gentler lifestyle and recognised the opportunity to showcase the wonderful cycling environment the region has to offer.


Mike O'Reilly

Mike has cycling embedded in his DNA. He has been race director for multiple state, national and world level cycling events as well as Director Sportive for elite race teams. A former board member of Cycling NSW and recently retired NSW State handicapper, Mike brings a wealth of organisational and on-the-ground event experience and support to the Tour de Bello. Mike also provides driver support for many cycle races in Australia.

Mike loves cycle touring himself and travels to Belgium and other European cycling hot spots each year to participate in cyclo-sportives and watch the Spring Classics up close and personal.


Ride guides, mechanical assistance and other support

Stewart "Computa" Campbell of Happy Wheels fame will be on hand to sort out any issues with your bike and provide spares and ride supplies and snacks.

Local ride guides will also be available to provide support during the rides.


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Soigneur / massage

Well have qualified massage therapist Suzy Ladanyi on hand to provide post-ride massage for those with tired legs.