Tour de Bello

Tour de Bello offers cycling tours, training camps, ride planning and support services in and around the Bellingen Valley and Coffs Coast

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Enjoy challenging rides through beautiful scenery on quiet, safe, cyclist friendly roads, with support vehicles and ride guides for extra convenience and peace of mind. Afterwards you can relax and recover in spacious and comfortable resort accommodation, have a leg rub from one of the massage therapists on hand or a nice post ride recovery nap. You'll refuel with great local food, have your bike attended to by our tour mechanic and take the opportunity to discuss your training with our top of the line cycling coach and learn about how to achieve your riding goals and gain that extra encouragement.

We have everything ready to help you have a fun tour experience. And to top it all off, there are some wonderful local attractions to visit while you are here.

Alex, Kath, Mike and the Tour de Bello training camp crew are very much looking forward to welcoming you on Tour and enjoying your company.